Warehousing & Distribution

We offer complete supply chain solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of our customers. We listen to each client, taking pride in our flexibility and designing a solution to meet every unique need and budget.
We have 9 storage units for multiple customers, strategically located throughout Romania, which serve many sectors, including technology, production, FMCG, automotive, agriculture, retail and e-commerce.
We use a dedicated Warehouse Management System (WMS) in our units. It provides a constant overview of transportation and informs customers about the location and condition of the goods. Our system provides seamless integration and we will manage IT connections to our customers’ own systems, thus ensuring the continuous exchange of data.
Overview of the service
• Dedicated storage for multiple users
• Inbound and outbound logistics
• Returns and refusal management
• E-commerce services
• Domestic and international management of goods
• General storage and warehousing solutions
• Short and long term storage
• ADR storage
• Inventory control and management
• Consolidation services
• Selection and packaging and repair services
• Value-added services: labeling, minimized packaging, assembly
• KPI reporting

Storage Warehouse locations

United Kingdom